Exporting one host's service checks from one Check_MK site to another one.

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  • Hi all,

    I would like to know if can I export all the checks configuration for one monitored host from one Check_MK site to another one. I have some hosts monitored and they have many specific configurations, so I would like to export them to another Check_MK site in order to minimize the work to do. Would it be possible?



  • As far as I know, there is no host/service based backup method. It is possible to backup and restore the whole wato config, but that is probably not what you're looking for. The problem here is that cmks configuration is not only based on host or service names, but it is structured by directories and based on tags aswell.

    What you could do is:

    - check the configuration for one hosts services with # cmk -D HOST, it shows you which services have configured parameters

    - rebuild the service config in the "new" WATO manually based on that information


    - backup and restore the complete configuration

    - eliminate the unwanted rules afterwards

    It highly depends on your target server and how many hosts you want to move which method is the best/fastest, depending on already existing hosts, services, tags, rules, directories etc.