Command Endpoint for individual Service in Direktor

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  • Hi

    I have a running Icinga2 Satellite setup with a master and a satellite zone, both with a single endpoint. I have several hosts in both zones with many services. Currently everything works fine, the hosts in the satellite zone are monitored through the endpoint in the satellite zone, the inhabitants of the master zone are monitored through the master endpoint. In the close future though I need to monitor some services on my hosts in the satellite zones from the master endpoint and not from the satellite.

    In Icinga2 Director I tried several combinations of the options "Run on Agent" and "Cluster zone" inthe service template in question. Unfortunately, they either result in a faulty config, that Director complains about non-existing Endpoints (it expects an endpoint for each host) or it renders the configs, but the Services are still monitored from the satellite endpoint and not from the master.

    Does someone have an idea how to make it right?