Service line color

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  • Hi there,

    i got a little problem in the nagvis setup. I'm using the service line with the "---BW--><--BW---" line type for the router interfaces monitoring.

    When the interface goes down the color of the line become orange (like unknown) but i find this behaviour ambigous with other states.

    I tried to change the general configuration of the unknown_bgcolor without any success.

    I think Nagvis is expecting a BW data ignoring the interface is down (so CRITICAL)

    The wanted behaviour should be this:

    - Interface up : global line_weather_colors

    - Interface down: a totally different color (red or black)

    Any suggestion to achieve this monitoring requirement?

    Best regards


  • One way might be to change share/frontend/nagvis-js/js/ElementLine.js

    The line numbers might be different in your version.