SNMP Check - Allnet ALL3500

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  • Hi all,

    i'm trying to monitor some temperatures of the ALLNET ALL3500 Device. Therefore, I downloaded the .mib-file and parsed the OIDs.

    For example the temperature "Temp1" is OID "".

    If I use "snmpget" to check the parameter all is going well (temp is 3,93 °C at the moment)

    1. snmpget -v 2c -c public
    2. iso. = STRING: "3.9300"

    This is the check I wrote:

    And this is the result:

    I dont understand why there are brackets, a "u" and quotation marks in the result.

    This type of result makes performance data impossible.

    Is anyone able to help? :-)



  • info is a list of lists, you have to get one level deeper to access your actual value, not the list itself:

    for line in info:

    temp = line[0]

  • The u'number' thing is a unicode string. You need to cast it to float with float(temp) if you want to perform any numeric operations (comparing it to WARN/CRIT levels, etc.)