Mapping Snmp Values to a certain icingaweb2 status

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  • Hello,

    at the moment i am trying to monitor a bunch of systems via snmp. The MIB's of those systems give return values as shown below:

    Integer 1 = operational => Icingaweb2 should display OK

    Integer 2 = alert => Icingaweb2 should display Critical

    Integer 3 = standby => Icingaweb2 should display OK

    Integer 4 = Unknown => Icingaweb2 should display Unknown

    Now, i already know (at least i think so) how to use the snmp_warn and _crit thresholds. At the moment i am able to set the crit threshold to 1 so all snmp values > 1 get displayed as critical and all my snmp values = 1 get displayed as intended. Do I have the right understanding of those thresholds when i think that the schema above is not feasible with the two thresholds?

    My Question is:

    Is there a way without writing my own check_command to teach icingaweb2 how to display the given snmp values properly?

    Thanks for your help in advance!


    Ben Kallendrusch

  • I don't think that check_snmp can map OID values to states (try calling --help and see it yourself).

    Maybe there's a different check plugin out there already, or you'll write your own wrapper or plugin script and integrate that with a CheckCommand into Icinga 2.