Icinga2 distributing Monitoring & design

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  • Hi !

    In my company we are using a LOT of icinga1 instance (around 2 per team, sometimes up to 6) at the total around 20.

    We would like to move on icinga2 for best performances & HA+LB solutions.

    Regarding the distributed monitoring solutions I would like garantee for each team HA+scalability.

    I also need seperate view for each team because they don't want to see alert out of their responsibility.

    My first thought was to create a tree setup with 2 master and a cluster of a client + 1 sat for each team.

    But how can I make the "view" on each cluster ? For now I think I can't do it.

    So my second thought is to create for each team a cluster master + 1 sat a the beginning with the possibility to add new sat for horizontal scalability.

    I would like to know what do you think about that ? The main problem is that on the second possibilty we to add a lot of servers... Maybe I will make only 2 master first with HA + LB (is it possible ?)$

    Thanks for your help !:thumbsup:

  • Hello,

    Do you know if someone can help me ?

    I can add informations if it's needed.


  • Do you need execpt for the view different servers for each team ?

    You could create a Role with Permission for each Team in Icingaweb2. With that, you can control wich Role can see only specific servers.

  • My problem is I need a view of alerts for each team

    Because team 1 don't bother about Team's 2 alerts...

  • MaBau_MeBad has a good point. If you create roles for each user, you can separate the view (based on filters) for each team by having each team set to a certain role. However, I'm not sure of how you would separate the HA/LB for each team (if there is a way, this method may be feasible).

    I think your "second thought" which is to completely separate each Icinga2 master/client setup for each team would be better as it would be easier to scale as you said. I hope you're using Ansible or Puppet as well to automatically deploy your configurations as well! That would be a ton of work otherwise.

  • Hello,

    Yes we used to use Puppet, but I may move to Ansible I feel it easier to use.

  • HI, I never used it that way, but it should be possible to install a webinterface and own Database on each Team Satellite Icinga with own notifications, but still send check results and configure everything to/at the master.