How to integrate windows on icinga2?

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  • Now I'm trying to integrate a windows host.

    These Steps I did:

    -edit the icinga.conf and added include <windows-plugins>

    -installed the Icinga client on WindowsServer

    -Generated a Setup Ticket for the client on Icinga

    -executed sudo icinga2 node update-config on icinga

    My host appears on icinga but there are no thresholds for example at the CPU load. On /usr/share/icinga2/include/command-plugins-windows.conf are thresholds defined.

    Why they do not working?

    For each host icinga2 creates a new entry for host and service in the repository /etc/icinga2/repository.d/hosts/PC-00

    For each services there is an *.conf that looks like:

    1. object Service "load" {
    2.     import "satellite-service"
    3.     check_command = "dummy"
    4.     host_name = "PC-00"
    5.     zone = "PC-00"
    6. }

    The check_command seems not to be the right one. It should be "load-windows". But why does it work?

    In the agent icinga2 I indicated that I will not listen to any port because I want it is not to open ports on windows


    just select:

    -accept commands for master

    -accept config update from master

  • If you look at what was added with the command "icinga2 node update-config"

    All settings added to /etc/icinga2/repository.d/*
    If I think I'm using Bottom Up Import
    So how do I configure it to be from master to client?
    thanks for your answer :)

    1. /etc/icinga2/repository.d/zones/PC-00.conf
    2. object Zone "PC-00" {
    3. endpoints = [ "PC-00" ]
    4. parent = ""
    5. }
    1. /etc/icinga2/repository.d/hosts/PC-00.conf
    2. object Host "PC-00" {
    3. import "satellite-host"
    4. check_command = "cluster-zone"
    5. }
    1. /etc/icinga2/repository.d/endpoints/PC-00.conf
    2. object Endpoint "PC-00" {
    3. }
    1. /etc/icinga2/repository.d/hosts/PC-00/load.conf
    2. object Service "load" {
    3. import "satellite-service"
    4. check_command = "dummy"
    5. host_name = "PC-00"
    6. zone = "PC-00"
    7. }

    In the host client windows

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  • Yes you have to add them manually, but when Your configuration with apply-rules and templates is running, its not so much work. You even can use Scripts to deploy or prepare the configs for the host. A good alternatve for CLI configuration is to look into the Icinga Director. Its a very powerfull plugin for icingaweb2 to create Your configuration over the icingaweb2 interface. There are deployment scipts for linux and Windows agents included (never used them, as i have created some for myself long ago, but looks like they are very good)

    Here is a brief desctiption for top-Down configuration:…6-distributed-monitoring/