perf-o-meter "bit/s" instead of byte/s

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  • Hello,

    i am using check_mk 1.2.8p18 to monitor switches amongst other hosts.

    I would like to know if there is an opportunity to change the perf-o-meter, because I would like to see the performance displayed in MBit/s instead of MB/s.

    The output of the check plugin (interface xxxxx) is already in the "bit-style", because I edited the corresponding php template.

    Furthermore I created a rule in: "Network interfaces and switch ports" -> Value: "measure unit: Bits".

    But it did not work or changed the perf-o-meter.

    Sorry for my English expression. :S

    Thank you!

  • I don't know where to add or change this option in the WATO configuration menu.

    In the sub menu of "discovered services", there is the option to create a rule for "measure unit".

    I set it to Bits but it did not affect the perf-o-meter.

  • For that, you have to change some metric definitions in cmk.

    Open /opt/omd/versions/yourversion/share/check_mk/web/plugins/metrics/ in your favorite editor.
    Copy the metric_info (the whole python dictionary declaration) for "if_in_octets" and "if_out_octects" into a new file to /opt/omd/sites/yoursite/local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/metrics/

    In the new file, change the "unit" in the dictionary to "bits/s".

    Restart your site and wait a few seconds.

  • Thank you very much!!
    I followed the instructions exactly like you told me and it shows now "bits/s"!


  • Thank you for that.

    hazel : I hope you don't mind me asking an additional question that fits your topic.

    I use Check_mk RAW 1.4.0p15 tho.

    Is there a similar simple way to change the standard behavior of the used bandwith graphic? The problem is that i see "bit/s per second" I have set all interfaces to Measurement unit "Bits" and I have done the changes suggested by Lucky. Most interfaces on my virtual Hosts show as "Unknown Speed". When i click on the details of such an interface I see the graph with "Bit/sec" instead of Mbit/sec. If i set the operational speed manually it switches to Mbit. But I want to circumvent setting the operational speed of a couple thousand interfaces. Instead I'd like to change the default behaviour.

    with kind regards,

  • So what you want to achieve is, that the graph shows MBit/s even if the Plugin can not figure out which speed the interface is operating on?

  • Yes. I had that with my old OMD 1.20 but I can't remember which settings i had changed to archive that. Currently the graphs are pretty "ugly".

    Those numbers are pretty pointless.