monitor windows only with icinga2 agent

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  • How do I add services for a windows client that only has icinga2 agent?

    The windows client added it by generating the ticket and adding it as a node, but I put the values of critical and warning and it does not work.
    the windows host is automatically added to /etc/icinga2/repository.d/

    in the agent to indicate that windows made connection to the master.
    is necessary to use add-ons such as nsclient++, nscp or nrpe?

  • Sorry, but your post is a bit hard to understand.

    • At the master, implement the cluster check to make sure that your windows endpoint is in fact connected to the master.
    • Nothing should be below /etc/icinga2/repository.d/.
    • Install the Plugins you would like to run at the windows client, icinga2 only comes with a small number of basic checks.
    • At the master, create /etc/icinga2/zones.d/[Name Of The Zone The Client Is In] and create your host / service definitions here.
    • That will be replicated to the client and it starts to run these checks.