Problem with command on CentOS 7

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  • Hi everybody,

    I have a strange problem with Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2 and the Director. On all CentOS-servers I have installed the Nagios plugins (yum install nagios-plugins-all). Nevertheless, the commands for yum and check_linux_memory were missing on the CentOS systems. So I loaded them into the same path as the other commands and gave them sufficient rights with chmod +x. These commands can be executed locally via the console.

    Icinga Web 2 displays results for yum, but for check_linux_memory in conjunction with CentOS 7 it displays "Check command' check_linux_memory' does not exist. If I do the same on a CentOS 6, the command works. Does anyone have an explanation for this? I have no idea, what the reason can be.

    On Ubuntu, this works with check_linux_memory in the same way as on CentOS 6.

    I used the director for auto-config of my hosts and a zone global-templates exists.

  • Extract the command line from the executed service check (see the troubleshooting docs). This will give you an indication where and how this could fail.

    On the other hand, verify that the CheckCommand definition actually exists on the remote instance, e.g. by running "icinga2 object list --type CheckCommand --name check_linux_memory".

  • Thanks!

    I have the plugin running on a second CentOS. There are no errors and I get a very long output for "icinga2 object list --type CheckCommand --name check_linux_memory". However, on the server the response to the command is empty.

    So the command doesn't seem to be known there. The question is why? Both servers have the same version and I did the "installation" in the same way.

    Btw. this is the plugin: https://raw.githubusercontent.…master/check_linux_memory

  • It seems that the CheckCommand definition is not synced via the global template zone then.

    Can you extract its path from the master, and verify that it is synced to the client then? Maybe it resides in the wrong zones.d/<zonename> directory, and the client has the wrong global zone configured in its zones.conf

  • Can you extract its path from the master, and verify that it is synced to the client then?

    Can you specify how I do that? Maybe in German ;-)