Background Job Failed

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  • hello everyone!

    I have problems with reload my config in Truck.

    1. [2017/10/19 13:23:15][nagiosv2][ERROR][Thruk] Background Job Failed
    2. [2017/10/19 13:23:15][nagiosv2][ERROR][Thruk] on page:
    3. [2017/10/19 13:23:22][nagiosv2][ERROR][Thruk] Failed to reload nagios.service: Interactive authentication required.
    4. See system logs and 'systemctl status nagios.service' for details.
    5. [2017/10/19 13:23:22][nagiosv2][ERROR][Thruk] Background Job Failed
    6. [2017/10/19 13:23:22][nagiosv2][ERROR][Thruk] on page:

    What's the reason?

  • I did not find errors in the logs, but i have new:

    my sudoers:

  • Double check which command you use to reload the core.

    Where this command?

    My thruk local conf:

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