Wrong Icons Displayed

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  • Running NagVis with NagiosXI. I have a custom icon set called THIN_Blocks. In it are all of the standard icons such as THIN_Blocks_down.png, THIN_Blocks_critical.png, etc. I am having problems with NagVis displaying THIN_Blocks_ack.png. Whenever a problem is acknowledged in NagiosXI the THIN_Blocks_ack.png icon should be displayed. Instead, the THIN_Blocks_error.png is displayed. I have deleted it and re-uploaded it with the same results. I used the same images and created a new set with a different name and still get the same results. If I switch to a different icon set, the ACK icon is displayed as it should be.




  • Running NagVis with NagiosXI.

    Using XI sounds like you pay for support. Use it.

    As this answer probably doesn't help you short-time please take a look at the NagVis documentation. Your icon set may lack some icons leading to this error. Try to fix it by completing your set.

  • That was it. I didn't check closely enough and there was one icon file missing.