I have Naemon installed but Thruk shows no hosts or services

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  • I have Naemon installed on Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) from the consol.de "testing" repository.

    1. root@shrike:~# dpkg -l | grep naemon
    2. ii libnaemon 1.0.7-20170715 amd64 Library for Naemon - common data files
    3. ii naemon 1.0.7-20170715 amd64 A host/service/network monitoring and management system
    4. ii naemon-core 1.0.7-20170715 amd64 contains the Naemon core
    5. ii naemon-livestatus 1.0.7-20170715 amd64 contains the Naemon livestatus eventbroker module
    6. ii naemon-thruk 1.0.7-20170715 amd64 Thruk is a web gui for Naemon

    I've added a few hosts and I can see from /var/lib/naemon/status.dat that it's working. Also, I can demonstrate that livestatus is working with this:

    1. root@shrike:~# echo 'GET hosts' | unixcat /var/cache/naemon/live | wc
    2. 7 181 6395
    3. root@shrike:~#

    But in Thruk, I see almost nothing. No hosts, host groups, service etc. Can't figure out what I'm missing. The only thing that does show up is under performance, the Livestatus statistics shows this:

    Any ideas where I might have gone wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

    Servicechecks: 119 0.05 /sec
    Hostchecks: 80 0.03 /sec
    Forks: 0 0.00 /sec
    Connections: 222 0.10 /sec
    Requests: 221 0.10 /sec
    NEB Callbacks: 191 0.11 /sec
    Log Messages: 12 0.03 /sec 0