No Create map option under options

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  • Hi,

    I have installed nagvis but can't seem to see the correct options un der the menu bars.

    Any help appreciated



    • NagVis version - 1.8?
    • Distribution - unsure
    • Apache version - httpd-2.4.6-31.
    • PHP version - 5.4.16
    • Are there error messages in webservers error log? - no
    • Browser used (Equal behaviour in other browsers?) - Chrome (Yes)
    • Are there JavaScript errors in the browser?
  • broker_module=/usr/local/lib/mk-livestatus/livestatus.o /usr/local/nagios/var/rw/live

    And for the version of mklivestatus, i'm not too sure how to check it. Although i can see a folder in my root and it is 1.2

  • The main menu of NagVis should contain an option "User menu". Clicking on it the logged in user is shown. Which one is it?

    Clicking on "options" in NagVis there should open a menu containing "Manage Maps" among other entries.

    Do you have messages in the Apache logs showing errors?

  • In the Apache config folder there probably is a file nagvis.conf which contains several lines regarding authorization

    Please check whether you have similar settings and which users are present in the htpasswd.users file.

  • In .../nagvis/etc you should have a file called auth.db. It contains the users which were created automatically. Using the sqlite3 binary you should be able to query the "database":

    1. usr/bin/sqlite3 auth.db
    2. sqlite> .headers ON
    3. sqlite> select * from users;
    4. sqlite> select * from users2roles;
    5. sqlite> select * from roles;
    6. sqlite> .quit

    Please adjust the user name if necessary or create a new entry in htpasswd.users.