Configure notification with Director

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  • I have the latest Icinga 2.7.2 installed and Director 1.4.0 installed. I am trying to configure notification for my hosts and services, but after spending several days, I am still no luck. I created a notification template and applied to service and host. When test it with manually send notification, the log show it stops at "Checking for configured notifications for object" and nothing sends out. I desperately need help. Please someone help me.

  • could you show us your configuration ?

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  • Also add screenshots on your steps how you've added notifications into the director, including one for the pre-rendered configuration for deployment then.

    Note: 2.7.2 for Icinga 2 is not yet released.

  • I figured it out. After turned on the debug mode, it showed that my timeperiod was empty. The time object didn't inherit the time range from the template. After I created the time range on the time object. The notification is working.