All graphs in a map sent to user each "updateobjectstates" interval - normal?

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  • Hi All -

    I have nagios v4.0.8, thruk 2.14-2. and nagvis 1.8.3 working together nicely. In my setup, when a user navigates to a map, all URLs/graphs on that map are sent to the user at interval "updateobjectstates" (as defined in nagvis.ini.php). This happens even if the user is not viewing the graphs, but just has the map displayed.

    For maps with lots of service definitions this generates lots of network traffic. Example: a map with 3 hosts and 70 services generates a constant ~1.4Mbps of traffic to the user (with updateobjectstates set to default 30 seconds). Tuning updateobjectstates to 60 seconds reduces traffic to ~700Kbps.

    Is this normal behavior? And is it possible to configure Nagvis to only send a graph when a user hovers over that graph on the map? That would reduce the load on our system considerably.

    Thanks for any assistance. These tools are great - compliments to everyone involved!