Updated FAQ: Guidelines and how to ask questions

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  • Hi,

    I've created a new page and menu entry for our general FAQ. Please read it carefully and follow the guidelines for continued use of this platform.


    New registrations will mention this in the disclaimer too.

    My general idea is to guide new users (how to ask a question) but also tell about certain (unwanted) behaviour. This should hopefully help everyone to get a quick discussion and solutions going.

    This obsoletes the old "how to ask a question" thread.

    You can leave your feedback here and discuss additions and/or changes too.

    Kind regards,


  • nice one, looks great. could we add a section for tutorials?

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  • If one maintains a compiled list, sure. URLs tend to become outdated, that's what I want to avoid.

    FAQ is a static HTML page writable by admins only. Two choices a) you join the admin team b) we have a maintained post somewhere for that which is linked in the FAQ, and anyone who wants write access, becomes a moderator.

  • Wow, looks great.

    Maybe one little addition to the chapter "Configuration and steps to reproduce or understand the question":

    Keep your private information (passwords, hashes, secrets, etc.) private.