check_dhcp not seeing some packets

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  • Hello,

    Since a few month (maybe last update?) I have a problem with check_dhcp plugin.

    I have 2 dhcp servers, and those dhcp servers IP are and

    I am testing both of them with check_dhcp plugin. is on same physical machine (one of VM).

    Icinga host is

    Anyway I am sending command:

    1. # ./check_dhcp -s
    2. CRITICAL: Received 817748 DHCPOFFER(s), 0 of 1 requested servers responded, max lease time = 7200 sec.

    And this is what TCPDUMP sees on the same machine:

    So later I am trying to reach this dhcp with verbose option:

    So it seems that check_dhcp is ignoring responses from or something else is going on which I don't see...

    Another aspect is that if run check_dhcp

    1. #./check_dhcp -s -v

    2 in same time, one of them will say OK.

    Both have to be with verbose option. Without that both will be CRITICAL.

    I tried set up timeout, with verbose sometimes is ok, without verbose I never can reach state OK.