PNP Addon Authentication

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  • I have installed PNP4Nagios in Centos 7 using the following steps

    When I tried to access PNP addon in Icinga 2 Web It is asking for credentials. I have verified pnp4nagios.conf folder under etc/httpd/conf.d

    1. AuthName "Nagios Access"
    2. AuthType Basic
    3. AuthUserFile /etc/nagios/passwd

    and provided the credential available in passwd file it is not accepting. Any help where I am missing would be much appreciated.

  • where will htpasswd.users resides in Icinga 2? so that I can provide the path for AuthUserFile

  • Hey Shashank,

    Icinga2 itself has no users but the webfrontend.

    Do you use icingaweb 1 or 2 ?

    In icinga you can use several authentication methods (AD, Database, FIle etc.)

    I use AD authentication for both icingaweb2 and pnp4nagios and for icingaweb2 I have another authentication method for a emergency user (database) in case our ad is not reachable.

    So do you want to use only htpasswd file for both ?

  • epytir : I am using db as backend. /etc/icingaweb2/authentication.ini consists of following


    backend = "db"

    resource = "icingaweb_db"

    1. Which path to provide in the following to get this authentication issue resolved
    2. AuthName "Nagios Access"
    3. AuthType Basic
    4. AuthUserFile /etc/nagios/passwd
  • epytir Please let me know if I am missing any configuration. When I try to access the PNP add on from Icinga Web and not accepting any username and password.

  • There's no way yet to forward the authentication session from Icinga Web 2 to PNP. See

    One way around this is to use SSO in Apache which shares the session between /icingaweb2 and /pnp4nagios.

  • Hello Shashank,

    there is an article about pnp4nagios and authentication:

    pnp4nagios icingaweb2 Authentification

    you can disable it because the authentication is triggered by apache so you need to modify the pnp4nagios.conf in the apache conf-available (sometimes sites-available) folder. (apache reload needed)

    But then everyone can see your statistics without login!