Migration from Cacti to NagVis

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  • Hello,

    Since this is my first post on this forum please forgive me if is's in wrong section or this question was asked in the past.

    In my company I'm responsible person for migration from our old monitoring system base on Nagios 3 and Cacti + PHP Weathermap version 0.97a to fresh new Nagios XI with NagVis.

    Till now there was no problem with migration of all host and services till move our weathermaps from Cacti to NagVis.

    My main question is if there is some tool for simple migration of weathermaps from Cacti to NagVis or at least plugin which create connection between Nagios XI and PHP Weathermap?

    Answer to that question will be very helpfull because if there is no such thing I will have to redraw everything by hand, which of course I would rather avoid ;)



  • We generally don't do support for commercial products like Nagios XI or variants, since no-one can freely install them to reproduce questions asked. Just a side note.

    AFAIK the Cacti weathermap plugin format isn't compatible to what NagVis uses.