SNMP Error Timeout: No Response Exit-Code: 1

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  • Sorry for the basic question, but this is my first attempt and setting up a check_mk/ omd system. I used check_mk in the past but I the network was static so I didn't have to do much in terms of setting up the system. I added the second Juniper switch using the WATO interface to monitor the SNMP messages. When I go into Properties > Save and Test, I can see the SNMP v2 responce back from the switch. If I go to the host information page I get the error stating "WARN - Discovery failed: SNMP Error on <switch IP>: Timeout: No Response from <switch IP> (Exit-Code: 1)".

    From what I've read the problem is likely related to trying to get the SNMP sting from home then one switch at a time. However any of the solutions I've tried have not appeared to address this.

    1. #omd su monitor
    2. OMD[monitor]:~$ snmpbulkwalk -V
    3. NET-SNMP version: 5.7.3

    Reviewing this post to change the file. It wasn't clear which file to update I updated the following files:





    1. # Put your host names here
    2. # all_hosts = [ 'localhost' ]
    3. all_hosts = [ ]
    4. bulkwalk_hosts += [
    5. ( [ "no-bulk" ], "HOST" ),
    6. ]

    Running the OMD[monitor]:~$ cmk -I %host or OMD[monitor]:~$ cmk --snmpwalk %host takes at least 30 seconds befor returning to the command prompt again.