icinga2 satellite old config

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  • I have recent rebuilt my icinga2 master host and I have updated the /etc/icinga2/zones.d/satellite1/hosts.conf file

    but when I look on the icingaweb2 front end it is showing the old servers

    I have checked the satellite1 instances and I can confirm the files located in


    is the old file, so I deleted this file and did a search on the instance for any file called hosts.conf whch came back empty ran /etc/init.d/icinga2 restart

    then check the /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/satellite1/_etc/

    and can confirm the file has come back but it is the old file show me the old servers

    I have searched on the master instance for file called hosts.conf and the only file present is the files in /etc/icinga2/zones.d/satellite1/hosts.conf

    so I dont know where the old config is coming from, please help;(;(;(

  • try deleting the folder again, but first stop icinga2 as it will automagically recreate files that are missing.

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    Remember to NEVER EVER use git repositories in a productive environment if you CAN NOT control them

  • workaround to stop all the icinga2 on all instances then do the update then restart icinga2 masters the restart the satellite instances

    after doing this the indances have the correct files in place also from the icingaweb2 front end I can see the the extra servers added

    My Question: this way of doing this seems to be wrong as we would not like to stop monitoring to update out config as this will leave a black hole so there must be a way of updating config with out stopping the instances so we could just do a reload of the config?

    I have thought that maybe I could stop the API but again whilst the API is down it would means the satellite instance cant send monitoring stats back to icinga2 master

    please confirm the best practise to update the configuration files whilst have a running cluster as I suspect that when doing a change the cluster is putting the file back to the original setting