icinga2 daemon is throwing error post manubulon-snmp plugin instalation

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  • Hi Gurus,

    I am a bit novice on Icinga2 and have installed manubulon-snmp plugin by following https://sites.google.com/site/…host-with-snmp-on-icinga2 for work around my monitoring....

    Now while starting icinga2 daemon i am getting below error..can you please help me out with this showstopper....

    Below are the steps followed to install plugin

    wget https://github.com/dnsmichi/ma…n-snmp/archive/master.zip

    unzip master.zip


    yum install perl-Net-SNMP perl-Getopt-Long gcc


    cp /usr/share/icinga2/include/command-plugins-manubulon.conf /etc/icinga2/conf.d/command-plugins-manubulon.conf

    vi /etc/icinga2/constants.conf

    /* The directory which contains the Manubulon plugins.

    * Check the documentation, chapter "SNMP Manubulon Plugin Check Commands", for details.


    const ManubulonPluginDir = "/usr/lib64/nagios/manubulon"

    [root@mudcicngp01 include]# icinga2 daemon --validate

    information/cli: Icinga application loader (version: v2.7.0-58-g52dcce9)

    information/cli: Loading configuration file(s).

    warning/ConfigCompiler: Cannot compile file '/etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf': Error: Function call 'std::ifstream::open' for file '/etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf' failed with error code 13, 'Permission denied'

    (0) Compiling configuration file '/etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf'

    critical/config: Error: Object 'snmp-manubulon-command' of type 'CheckCommand' re-defined: in /etc/icinga2/conf.d/command-plugins-manubulon.conf: 24:1-24:46; previous definition: in /usr/share/icinga2/include/command-plugins-manubulon.conf: 24:1-24:46

    Location: in /etc/icinga2/conf.d/command-plugins-manubulon.conf: 24:1-24:46

    /etc/icinga2/conf.d/command-plugins-manubulon.conf(22): */


    /etc/icinga2/conf.d/command-plugins-manubulon.conf(24): template CheckCommand "snmp-manubulon-command" {


    /etc/icinga2/conf.d/command-plugins-manubulon.conf(25): import "ipv4-or-ipv6"


    Pleae help me out and let me know in case any info is required....

    Thansk in advance...

  • cp /usr/share/icinga2/include/command-plugins-manubulon.conf /etc/icinga2/conf.d/command-plugins-manubulon.conf

    why did you copy this file ? it is already included in the icinga2.conf file.

    warning/ConfigCompiler: Cannot compile file '/etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf': Error: Function call 'std::ifstream::open' for file '/etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf' failed

    you might want to change the filerights for the file /etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf