IDO in Satellite Zone

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  • I am experimenting with a three tier deployment in hopes that I can transition monitoring for all of my MSP customers to Icinga2. One of the main customer concerns I have to address is how they might buy out the solution.

    I would like to set up the installation so that there is a Satellite level zone for each customer and enable the mysqlido feature on an endpoint in that zone and connect that endpoint to a DB exclusively for that customer. This way I could retain information exclusive to the customer. Giving me the ability to, if required, spin up a new Icinga2 instance and configure it to be the master of that customers Satellite zone and connect it to the customer exclusive DB in order to provide the customer with their own Icinga2 instance.

    Does anyone know if this is possible/supported? Or if there is a better way to achieve my goal?

    Thank you

  • just try it. From what I know this should not be impossible, but is most likely not a supported way and could lead to problems down the road

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