Menu customization - possible to keep "top_nav" section with Nagvis integration?

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  • Hi All -

    I have Thruk 2.14~2 and Nagvis 1.8 working together successfully (using theme Thruk2, Nagios 4.0.8). When I click on the Nagvis menu selection, the map is displayed but removes the "top_nav" section of the theme. Then any links followed on the map (such as a hostgroup) also have the top_nav section removed.

    Is it possible to keep the top_nav section, and have the Nagvis map underneath? Note that this happens not only with Nagvis, but also for any "arbitrary" hrefs that I create a menu item for.

    I've tried every combination of the two approaches below, each with target types: parent, top, self, blank.

    # add_link('name' => 'Network Map', 'href' => '/nagvis/frontend/nagvis-js/index.php?mod=Map&act=view&header_menu=0&show=WAN-OVERVIEW');

    # add_link('name' => "Network Map", 'href' => '/thruk/frame.html?link=/nagvis/frontend/nagvis-js/index.php?mod=Map&act=view&header_menu=0&show=WAN-OVERVIEW', 'target' => "_parent");

    Screenshots attached.

    Really enjoying Thruk so far!



  • gotcha. I probably should have known that, but I'm a network guy posing as a systems guy.

    thanks for the quick response.

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  • in case it helps anybody, i ended up just making my network diagram look similar to the theme. looks good enough to me.

    And the issue with Nagvis links can be solved by changing nagvis.ini.php:


    1. ;htmlcgi="/nagios/cgi-bin"


    1. htmlcgi="/thruk/cgi-bin"