install thruk on fedora 26

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  • hi,

    i try to install thruk on fedora 26 as the gui for shinken:

    i launch this command ant get the error:

    [root@fedora-lenovo system.slice]# rpm -Uvh ""

    Récupération de…ol-stable.fc26.noarch.rpm

    attention : /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.lwcfLb: Entête V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, clé ID a57b9ed7: NOKEY

    can you help me to correct tjis error please?


  • hi,

    i succed to install thruk:

    [root@fedora-lenovo system.slice]# dnf list installed|grep thrulibthruk.x86_64 2.16-1.fc26 @labs_consol_stable

    thruk.x86_64 2.16-2 @@commandline

    thruk-base.x86_64 2.16-2 @labs_consol_stable

    thruk-plugin-reporting.x86_64 2.16-2 @labs_consol_stable

    when i launch or http://localhost/thruk/ i get no connexion

    do i need to install web server?


    i have shinken installed but i don't know how to connect it to thruk

    can you help me, i'm a total beginner?