problems to monitor AWS autoscaling groups with corresponding module

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  • Dear Icinga-community,

    I use:

    Icinga2: 2.7.0-1

    Director: 1.3.2

    aws-module for Director: 0.0.1

    My goal is to monitor a dynamic amount of AWS hosts based on an AWS Autoscaling Group. Each time a new host is automatically created by the AWS autoscaling parameters the host should be activated automatically for monitoring with all necessary services in Icinga2. If the host is shut down by the process the host should automatically deactivated in Icinga2 too.

    I installed the latest aws module for Director from GitHub and followed the tutorial of Thomas Gelf on…ob/master/doc/ All works fine and the sync was also successful. But the last step of the tutorial I stuck and the sync only creates one host with the name of the autoscaling group. I expect that all hosts are automatically appear. What are I'm doing wrong?

    Has anybody successful running this module in Director and can provide me with a hint or an external source where I get more help?

    Thanks in advance and best regard,


  • Can anybody support me in this issue? First I created a dedicated template for the AWS autoscaling group. Then I created an import source (1) followed by a sync rule (2). After sync run the scaling group was imported (3) but if I look at the hosts only the scaling group is listed like a host (4).

    As far as I understand this module the hosts should be dynamically requested from the scaling groups but this seems not to be the case.

  • This module is relatively new and more of a first draft. I'd guess not that many users have tried it yet, or use AWS in general.

    Your best bet is to dig into the source code and check how object and group names are mapped. Trace and debug it.