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  • Hope you can help me…

    I have only canon printers( 3380 and 6670).

    With version omd 1.30 everythig is working fine.

    But, with new version, I can not get

    Pages b/w A3

    Pages b/w A4

    Pages color A3

    Pages color A4

    Pages print total

    Pages scan

    Problem is service printer_pages.

    I need to revert form printer_pages service to canon_pages service.

    How can I fix it?

    Can I run it manually?

    How to run service canon_pages with Wato?

    Best regards,

  • I assume you are mainly using check_mk.

    As site user, run # cmk --version on both your old and your upgraded site please.

  • same problem here.

    after updating to omd-2.41.20170718-labs-edition from omd-1.31.20160830 the canon_pages are gone.

    Now running omd-2.61.20170907-labs-edition, but problem still exsist.

    WATO said the canon_pages services are vanished and a new full scan did not find them.

    The site is running check_mk version 1.2.8p20

  • That's ok. I saw this werk. But the new one is not using the canon_pages plugin.

    only the total printer pages are displayed.

  • hello again,

    the problem is in the printer_pages.include

    1. def scan_canon_printer(oid):
    2.     return "canon" in oid(".").lower() \
    3.            and oid(".") != None \
    4.            and oid(".") != None

    The last "and" is false during the snmpget and thats why the canon_pages isn't used.

    1. OMD[monitor]:~$ snmpget -v1 -c public -m '' -M '' -On -OQ -Oe -Ot .
    2. Error in packet
    3. Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.
    4. Failed object: .

    so delete the last line in printer_pages.include an remove the \ from the line above.

  • seems like the whole check is broken. It is not that difficult to fix the code tbh, but I do not have canon printers to test it against. Short explanation: the plugin has to return perfdata which matches the pnp templates ans cmk metrics

  • the pnp template check_mk-canon_pages.php is a link to check_mk-printer_pages.php.

    printer_pages template shows only the total counter.

    Perhabs someone is here who can push this issue to the developers.

    this did the trick. (sorry, not clean code)

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