2.16 release

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  • Time for a new release. Some notable changes are the new cli commands. In order to make
    thruks cli commands easier extendable by plugins, thruk commands have now the form

    %> thruk <module> <command> <option>
    For example
    %> thruk plugin list
    %> thruk url tac.cgi
    The old commands are still supported for backwards compatibility.
    This also adds a online plugin repository where you can install plugins
    %> thruk plugin install <name>

    Second notable change is the input/output filtering for Busines Processes which adds
    programmable filters to change node inputs. For example make things in downtime ok.
    As well as output filter which can mange the output in any way you want. Right now
    there is an example which adds the hole tree down to the root cause to the plugin
    output. This might be handy in notifications.

    Besides that tons of small things have been fixed, changed or added, see
    detailed changelog: