Sattelite Setup

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  • Hey,

    im pretty new to Icinga/Linux.

    I have an master icinga server with Icinga Director installed which works great so far.

    Now i want to install an sattelite server on a branch.

    What i did so far:

    I installed on my "sattelite server" icinga2 with this documentation: install icinga2 without icingaweb or director

    Then i executed the node wizard (y for sattelite setup).

    But how can i import the sattelite server to my Icinga Director Master Server.

    I don´t find a documentation for dummies :(

  • You need to create the zone and endpoint first, then the host object.

    In Icingaweb2, choose director / Icinga Infrastructure / zones and add the new zone the satellite is in (you modified the file zones.conf at the satellite, right ?). Make sure to set the zone of the master as a parent for the satellite here.

    Next choose director / Icinga Infrastructure / endpoints and add the endpoint for the satellite, make sure that it has the zone created above assigned.

    Next choose director / hosts and create the host object of the satellite.

    Deploy the changes, and hopefully that should be it.

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  • Sorry for my late reply i was on vacation.

    Thanks for your help, now it works.

    But how can i sync the service templates and new commands to my sattelite server, cause when i add a service to my host i get an error.

    This is my service.conf on my sattelite server

  • Oh i forgot to add:

    1. object Zone "global-templates" {
    2. global = true
    3. }

    at both of my zone