mod_gearman 3.0.5 + gearmand 1.1.12 + libgearman 1.1.12 + neamon 1.0.6 = naemon cannot load mod_gearman_naemon.o

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  • Hi,

    i am setting up monitoring for the company that I work as one of my duties.

    I noticed the script from the nagios XI developers installs gearmand 0.33 and I would like to go with something more recent if possible.


    installed libevent-devel

    (not built in RHEL7 repos)

    from EPEL:

    installed - gearmand 1.1.12, libgearman 1.1.12, libgearman-devel 1.1.12


    installed mod_gearman-3.0.5-1.rhel7.x86_64

    manually scp'd into /usr/lib/64 ( came with gearmand 1.1.12)

    gearmand - starts!

    mod-gearman-worker - starts!

    naemon - fails to load mod_gearman_naemon.o

    [1503326815] livestatus: Naemon Livestatus 1.0.6 Socket: '/var/cache/naemon/live'

    [1503326815] livestatus: Finished initialization. Further log messages go to /var/log/naemon/livestatus.log

    [1503326815] Event broker module '/usr/lib64/naemon/naemon-livestatus/' initialized successfully.

    [1503326815] Error: Function nebmodule_init() in module '/usr/lib64/mod_gearman/mod_gearman_naemon.o' returned an error. Module will be unloaded.

    [1503326815] Event broker module '/usr/lib64/mod_gearman/mod_gearman_naemon.o' deinitialized successfully.

    [1503326815] Error: Failed to load module '/usr/lib64/mod_gearman/mod_gearman_naemon.o'.

    [1503326815] Error: Module loading failed. Aborting.

    [1503326815] Event broker module 'NERD' deinitialized successfully.

    [1503326815] livestatus: deinitializing

    [1503326815] Event broker module '/usr/lib64/naemon/naemon-livestatus/' deinitialized successfully.

    turned the error output in the neb module config to 3 but it doesn't write the neb log (/var/log/mod_gearman/mod_gearman_neb.log)

    any way I can force it to write this log or enable any other output to see why there is an error when loading the mod_gearman_naemon.o module in naemon?