Windows Disk monitoring "failed to access!"

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  • Hey!

    I want to ask how i can add disk exception, so it will not monitor that disk, i have some backup disk and i dont want to monitor them, it is in windows access denied!

    So my question is how i add exception to one drive so it will not monitor it, but monitors rest disks??

    It only shows right now that one this is "failed to access!" and it will not show rest disk what is okey.

    Added a SH


  • Maybe thats not Helpfull, but couldnt you just Acknowledge the Error so it wont show again?

  • Yes, i can, but then it just sits there, and still not show me rest disks.

    Only shows me "Unknown error" and thats it.

    So it will not help!

  • NVM

    Got it myself working, it is easy.

    In icinga director you have command tab, find there windows disk check command and there u have filed tab and add disk_win_exclude.

    After that u have costum field in service tab, and just there add a disk lether like this "C:" and u are dont!