Icingaweb2 grafana influxdb Readable format

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  • Hello

    I wonder if there is a way i can get a more readable format

  • Okay i figured out i can change it in grafana, but i chagnes it for all services, so i disk and http graphs will both use byte´s , when http ideally should use ms

  • In the graph, switch from the metric tab to the axis tab and configure the left and right y-axis with different units (bytes, ms).

    In the legend of the graph, click on the color indicator and configure if the graph should be displayed according to the left or right y axis.

    In the screenshot, i configure the rta series to be displayed at the right y axis (currency).

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  • No.

    You change it for that colored graph you clicked on.

    In other words: Assign for each colored graph either the right or the left Y-Axis.

  • What dashboard are you using?

    base-metrics, imported from /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/grafana/dashboards/influxdb.

    Also do you have anything under here: icingaweb2/grafana/graph

    Sure i have. All my configured grafana graph's are in a table here.

    You may want to look at

    Icingaweb2/Grafana/InfluxDB not pulling data correctly

    for screenshots.

  • You need to create a new panel on the same dashboard for each metric you like to display.

    The dashboard will use a template that provides the hostname (or servicename ?) to the panel.

    That way, you may go with:

    • One dashboard that is "templated" - like base-metrics.json
    • N panels for each metric you like to display (Load, Disk, Procs, Users, hostalive etc.)
    • And the grafana module will provide the template parameters to the dashboard (i. e. Hostname)