Plugin not displaying in WATO yet the agent check shows my plugin information. How do I configure WATO to accept the new plugin details?

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  • Hello Forum,

    I've installed check_mk raw (1.4) on my OMD. So far so good as I can see the upgrade worked in the top left of check_mk when I login.

    I've added a new plugin to /check_mk_agent/plugins and made it executable on the host I'm monitoring. In my WATO properties I use Save and Test to check that the agent is pulling the data from the new plugin. I can see the new plugin is passing data to WATO Test for the agent...great!

    But when I save and go to new plugin details aren't there to accept to be added to my monitoring?

    What would allow the plugin to collect data from a server, send it to WATO but my check_mk won't display it or even show that it saw these new details in my list of services? Is there something more I need to add to check_mk that would add it to my list of services?

    Here is the full plugin I've added (and again my save and test shows the details I need from the plugin):

  • Well, you plugin is collecting the data as you wish.

    But it seems that you dont have any matching checks for this plugin.

    You need a file in your local/share/check/checks/ which name is qemu and tells check_mk how to handle the revieved data.

    An inventory and a check function is required for telling check_mk 1. what shall be inventorized? 2. how shall be checked?

  • Yep...that's the missing piece for me. Thanks very much Forseti . I'm still navigating my way around understanding check_mk. I figured check_mk server needs something to interpret the plugin...your advice showed me where to look. I looked then at github and found the checks file I needed and it works perfectly.