Notification or Event to log into SQL database

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  • Hello :)

    I'd like to execute a homemade script every time a check is made and for all states (OK, Up, Down, Critical, Warning, Unknown).

    So I looked the Notification and Event objets and see if they could help me. However I can't manage to have what I want.

    Moreover, in the documentation it's written that :


    If the host/service is located on a client as command endpoint the event command will be executed on the client itself (similar to the check command).

    Unfortunately, I'm using Icinga2 in a distributed env. with many clients. Is it still possible to execute event commands only on the master ?

    Basicaly, what I want to do is to log every results in a SQL database. Do you have some idea ?


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  • Wouldn't that be more efficient to connect to the API event streams with a filter, and forward the data to a storage schema of your choice?