I am trying to install director, unable to authenticate

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More details here.
  • Hi Am trying to install icinga Director

    i did the following:

    1. icingacli director migration run --verbose

    which completed with out issue

    2. I then log into the web and enable director

    trying to fill out the kickstart wizard

    but I don't know what to put in the fields

    Endpoint Name?

    icinga Host ?

    API user ?

    password ?

    1. I dont know what I should put in the Endpoint Name?

    2. I dont which icinga host to put in the icinga Host ?

    3. I dont know what the API username ? is it api?

    4 . because I dont know if i need to use api as a user I dont know what password is needed

  • I have resolved the issue

    basically I need to add the user that is in the api-users.conf

    The documentation does not explain this

    find the documentation quite poor as a newbie, the documentation assume knowledge of icinga2 director