issues with arguments

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  • Are the variables $community$ and $DruckerArgument$ filled by your host or service template?

    When you set the whole command line you are using the explicit values (status, public) for those variables, that's why it works.

    $address$ autoamtically gets the ip address of the host the service is attached to.

    So what you need is a service template that fills the fields $community$ and $DruckerArgument$ and that than is applied to a specific host.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    What i did now:

    I filled the 2 arguments $community$ and $DruckerArgument$ in the service template and than i applied the service template to my host (printer)

    Now im getting these Error : "Error: Non-optional macro 'community' used in argument '-C' is missing."

    In my template preview i see my fields but not my arguments is this correct?

  • Now I see the problem :)

    The check command is configured correctly but you made a mistake when setting up your data fields. Which you did manually, right?

    If you define a data field you must not add the $ signs!

    So your data field "DruckerArgument" needs to look like this:

    But you don't have to define every data field yourself.

    When you define a command that uses a new, not existing, data field and you want to add this field in the "Fields Tab" of the command, the Director will automatically create this field for you (you will get the "extended" new field dialogue like shown above).

    I hope this is explained comprehensibly :D

  • Awesome...thanks it works :).

    Ah ok i have to create the argument first then i have the datafield in the "fields tabs" ...oh im such a noob :O

  • Glad I could help :)

    Play around some more and you'll get the hang of it ;) Maybe look at some tutorials (unixe and nausch have some good ones!)

    Don't forget to mark the thread as resolved, if your problem is solved:)