Icinga Director Sync Error

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  • Hello everybody,

    Hope you're doing great!

    I started to use Icinga Director and have an weird issue with sync process.

    First sync works good, if no hosts yet exist. Re-sync shows the following error.

    1. This Sync Rule failed when last checked at 2017-08-14 02:19:30: Exception while syncing Icinga\Module\Director\Objects\IcingaHost prod-some-server.domain.com: Trying to recreate icinga_host (prod-some-server.domain.com)

    When I remove all hosts and try to sync, it works good. It doesn't work if I have host that is in sync process.

    And looks like Director doesn't see already existing hosts, it tries to create them, but they already exist:

    1. Array
    2. (
    3. [create] => 38
    4. [modify] => 0
    5. [delete] => 0
    6. )

    Icinga: 2.4.1

    Director: 1.3.1

    Any help would be much appreacited!

    Thank you!

  • Icinga user has all grants for all databases and files (I hope)... hope that help...

  • Ok, after spending many hours, I finally figured out, Sync Key ID 'name' shuold be the same as import key . In my case ''name". So, I just added a couple import modifiers and it works like a charm now :-)