How to use the ICINGA API to modify a service notification contact

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  • HI,

    Modify the Service attribute contact with the ICINGA API does not take effect

    Notification config:

    Use the ICINGA API to create service monitoring

    Modify Service Notification attr from ICINGA API:

    1. curl -k -s -u root:xxxxxxx \
    2. -H 'Accept: application/json' \
    3. -X POST \
    4. '!procs_crondd' \
    5. -d '{ "templates": ["generic-service-1x2x5"], "attrs": { "host_name": "" , "check_command": "nrpe","vars.nrpe_command": "procs_crond", "vars.notification.mail": { "users": ["kai.duan", "yufeng.ji", "mika.liu"]} }}'

    Use the ICINGA API to check the latest service status

    Use the ICINGA API to query the latest service Notification object

    Notification object contact is not updated;(