Creating service dependencies

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  • One thing I used to do with Icinga v1 was set up a service dependency such that if parent service X on a host goes down (for example, ssh_port_22), you don't get any alerts for any other services on that host... criticals, unknowns, etc.

    Right now, my setup with Director is such that if a host is down, I get a bunch of unknowns for each service with a note that says

    "Additional Info: Remote Icinga instance 'blah' is not connected to "satellite endpoint here"

    I've looked through Director, and either I'm missing something or it's not obvious (or I did something wrong) ... but how can you set up service dependencies so when a host goes down you only get ONE alert notification for the parent ?


  • Not talking about the director just plain config files, read:…ring-basics/#dependencies

    If the director really does not support it, i would create a static config file with apply rules that create dependencies

    from host or service variables that are set via the director.

    Also worth reading:

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