Can icinga director generate zones and endpoints configurations automatically for clients

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  • Hallo

    I plan to set up 3 level monitoring with icinga2 master satellites and clients

    it seems complicated to write all endpoint and zone configurations by hand for all clients and can icinga director(or some other script maybe like "icinga2 node update-config" command which is deprecated) generate zones and endpoints configurations automatically for clients

    question is about what I have to do after install icinga2 client package on the satellite(client) for automate discovery of the client host on the master

    can you advice or give some guide link

    thank you

  • The Director is capable of the basics, I do not know what will be included in next weeks release, but there are still some things missing to do this easily in director

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  • If you consider application deployment and configuration a bit painful, consider to manage your clients with Puppet, Ansible, etc. - this makes it easier to manage Icinga 2 on clients, satellite and masters too.