Email Notification with Grafana Graph issue

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  • Hello,

    I use omd 2.40 with the default options.

    With pnp4nagios activated, my email notifications have a great graph inside.

    But when I follow this article :

    I haven't a graph but only the home page of thruk.

    Any idea ?

    (generic-host use host-perf and generic-service use service-perf)

  • Ok solved with the last nightly (2.41.20170729) but it's a nightly build (unstable ?)

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  • Well... The nightly contains fixes for all known issues. We usually use the nightlys for our customers. The stable releases exist for the only reason that some people want "stable" releases. But in fact, when having a look at the test results and everything is green, the nightlys are probably more stable than the stable releases.