Problems with Notifications and User Groups

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  • Hello I have a strange problem with notificiations.

    I have default icingaadmin notification and everything works fine. I've added a User group with two users who get notifications just for a specific list of servers.

    At the moment the Custom Checks won't go through only admin receives emails. There is a reminder for every 30 minutes where the users get the mails. I do not know what I have done wrong. Couldn't find a solution and even looked in the documentation.

    monitoring version: 2.4.1

    Programmversion: v2.6.3

    System: Centos7

    E-Mails could be send through command line so there is no problem. A look in debug mode didn't get me any new ideas where to find the problem.

    I have no idea why it sends the reminders all 30 minutes, added a interval = 10 to the notifcation.conf and it sent the reminder all 10 seconds. I do not get the notifications as I wanted. For Admin everything works fine but not for the User group

  • Found the mistake, I had the notifications in an external service configuration. Found it out with a parameter someone posted in another thread.

    Added the Service to this file and it worked. I just have to test the service notifications again when our configuration has been changed at our hoster.