Filter Control takes invalid indexes

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  • Hello,

    I am trying to get familiar with IcingaWeb2 and to do so, I created own module with action similar to monitoring/list/notifications. I have set own database, based on previous monitoring system I had. The problem is, when I set filter and I want to delete one of this, I get an error saying "Trying to get invalid filter index "1-1" from "severity = ok" ("1")". I think, better way to present this is to provide you with screenshots.

    1) It's the example filtering I set in code.

    2) , when I press trash bin presented next to "OR", one of children dissapears

    3) When I press trash next to "Host" limiter, I get an error.

    Here's the code snippet , for setupFilterControl

    Do you have any clues how to fix it?

    With regards,