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  • Hi, so I have pnp4nagios graphs on my Icinga2 Webserver. Works great, but I would like some security with the pnp4nagios module, if we were to make the web client to be accessed on the internet, the pnp4nagios website will also be open. At the moment I have something like below in the icingaweb2.conf:

    AuthName "Nagios Access"

    AuthType Basic

    AuthUserFile /etc/icingaweb2/.http-users

    Require valid-user

    But is there a way to have a single sign-on for the pnp4nagios module? Because using this method I have to sign-in 3 times, once with the first authentication, then icingaweb2 authentication, then to see the graphs i have to enter the user again. So I want to use the icinga users as the pnp4nagios authentication.