delete perfdata of non existing hosts from influxdb

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  • I started to deal with influxdb and grafana including the great icingaweb2 grafana module from Mikesch

    thanks for that by the way!

    after playing around with the dashboards i wonder how to get rid of perfdata from hosts which have been deleted from the icinga2 configuration.

    i found some information which where quiet old but and they didn't come up with a solution as well

    so i a had a look into the influx documentation and build a small script that should do the job for me.

    Does anyone ever dealt with that?

    Is there even a better way do to this?


    #perhaps better move it to "Integrations -> metrics & graphs". sorry.

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  • nice Solution.

    Personally I have set retention policies in influxDB which will delete metrics older than 1.5 years.

    I do not mind having removed servers in there, as they are still crucial to Availability reports

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