Errors after installing Nagvis on SLES12 SP1

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  • Hello! I have a problems with installing Nagvis on SLES 12 SP1. Im installed every requirement and installation finished well, but when i try to manage my maps, it showing errors. I.e. Options - General configuration showing me:

    "Error: PHP Error

    Error: (0) Undefined index: mod

    URL: /nagvis/server/core/ajax_handler.php?mod=MainCfg&act=edit&_ajaxid=1499252020

    File: /usr/local/nagios/nagvis/share/server/core/functions/html.php ....."

    My configuration:

    +--- Checking prerequisites ---------------------------------------------------+

    | PHP 5.5 found |

    | PHP Module: gd php5 found |

    | PHP Module: mbstring php5 found |

    | PHP Module: gettext php5 found |

    | PHP Module: session compiled_in found |

    | PHP Module: xml compiled_in found |

    | PHP Module: pdo php5 found |

    | Apache mod_php found |

    | Checking Backends. (Available: mklivestatus,ndo2db,ido2db) |

    | Do you want to use backend mklivestatus? [y]:

    | Do you want to use backend ndo2db? [n]:

    | Do you want to use backend ido2db? [n]:

    | Livestatus Socket (/usr/local/nagios/var/rw/live) found |

    | PHP Module: sockets php5 found |

    | Graphviz 2.28 found |

    | Graphviz Module dot 2.28.0 found |

    | Graphviz Module neato 2.28.0 found |

    | Graphviz Module twopi 2.28.0 found |

    | Graphviz Module circo 2.28.0 found |

    | Graphviz Module fdp 2.28.0 found |

    | WARNING: The SQLite package was not found. |

    | This may not be a problem if you installed it from source |

    sqlite installed:

    # zypper install sqlite

    Refreshing service 'SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_Server_12_SP1_x86_64'.

    Refreshing service 'SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_Software_Development_Kit_12_SP1_x86_64'.

    Refreshing service 'Web_and_Scripting_Module_12_x86_64'.

    Loading repository data...

    Reading installed packages...

    'sqlite' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.

    'sqlite3' providing 'sqlite' is already installed.

    Resolving package dependencies...

    Nothing to do.

    I tried to downgrade version of nagvis and some of errors gone, but not every of them. What am i doing wrong?