Icinga2, Postgresql Sizing

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  • Hi there, :°)

    I've a question regarding the server on which icinga2 will be installed.

    I'll use it with the Postgresql database. My idea is to separate the partition used for Icinga2 and for the postgresql database.

    First, do you think it's possible or not ? I don't see anything special but I want to be sure.

    The other question is what size do you think the partition (for the postgresql database) has to be ? Icinga2 will have around 100 hosts (Clients in a distributed architecture) with around 15 checks on each one. I have no idea what data are stored in the base in Icinga2.

    On my test server, with 10 hosts and few checks on each one, I've only 20Go and it seems to be enough for what I have...

    Any help regarding those questions or any return on your own experience will be appreciate.

  • Of course it is possible. Many people use separate db hosts for monitoring.

    In my case, my pg cluster takes up ~6GB. It's a few years of data for :

    Of course if you add extra logging to the db in ido configuration, the database will be much bigger. Also, database engine will need some spare extra space for maintenance operations.

  • I use MySQL as a backend, but the DB is really small.

    It is located on a seperate partition, together with the InfluxDB.

    Size is around 300mb for the DB

    and 1GB for InfluxDB

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  • may depend on how long you keep your data (cleanup property of the IdoMysqlConnection IdoPgSqlConnection object)