NagVis + LMD

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  • Hi there!

    Is someone using LMD in production?

    Our setup works perfectly with livestatus but since we need to restart the core (Naemon in this case) to pick up the new configuration quite often NagVis complains when livestatus is not available.

    I know that there were already some discussions about the compatibility with LMD and I'm using the latest version (1.1.1) that is supposed to address those issues.

    Altought NagVis + LMD works fine in our development environment (with smaller maps) as soon as I test it with our production maps (25 maps, 666 services, 125 hosts, not that big) NagVis cannot even complete rendering the overview which seems to take forever (compared to a couple of seconds when using livestatus directly).

    I'm currently trying understand where the problem is (maybe LMD too) so I'm asking if there are specific things I can do and how to read the debug log (level 6) which is showing high rendering times, for example the biggest map:

    rendertime-livestatus.log:1498555110.4255 ==> Render Time: 3.3sec Mem peak: 10.57Mb URI: /nagvis/server/core/ajax_handler.php?mod=Overview&act=getObjectStates&i[]=map-Business_Live&_t=1498555105

    rendertime-lmd.log:1498554825.7592 ==> Render Time: 60.58sec Mem peak: 10.73Mb URI: /nagvis/server/core/ajax_handler.php?mod=Overview&act=getObjectStates&i[]=map-Business_Live&_t=1498554753