Graphite with snmp checks - no data(no graphs)

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  • Hello guys,

    I need to set up an Icinga2 installation with icingaweb, snmp checks and graphs. So I decided to use Graphite and checks like, or But my problem is that graphite don't show any graphs for snmp checks. If I try checks like ping or ssh I can see graphs.

    But if I look at graphite web I can find graphs for my snmp checks(and of course for my other checks). Does anyone have an idea?

    If u guys need more information say which and I will add them.


  • Some Information and pics of my problem.

    Ubuntu 16.04

    Icinga2 Version r2.6.3-1

    Icingaweb2 Version 2.4.1

    Graphite Module Version

    Graphite Module Works

    But Not for snmp

    But snmp graphs works at graphiteweb

    Graphite config.ini

  • Thank you, I will probably try it later. Unfortunately I broke my graphite somehow, so I need to fix it first. :D

    I hope grafana will show my snmp-graphs.

    EDIT: Fixed graphit... names of hosts should not cointain "(" or ")". Oh my god. :D

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